How Our Feline Friend Cut The Vet’s Consumables Spend

IMS Euro is a family based business set up in 1992 to sell to the Healthcare Sector in countries outside the UK. A visit to a local veterinary surgery with the family cat in 2004 opened up a complete new opportunity for the company. Upon seeing the products used by the surgery, a conversation soon developed around the quality of the consumables, the range used and the prices of the various items.

Taking this further it quickly became apparent that the veterinary industry used many similar products to the human healthcare industry, however, with a marked difference in the cost of the items. A large and exciting new market was available to

IMS Euro in the UK veterinary market for the virtually identical non-pharmaceutical medical consumables already being supplied by IMS Euro to governments and hospitals in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

This was a whole new way of working for IMS Euro, far from the world of export tendering. The new distribution centre in south Manchester was opened and very quickly drew the attention of local independent surgeries.Within months of the launch, IMS Euro progressed to supplying some of the better-known, corporate veterinary groups and charities.

In addition, IMS Euro could offer savings of around 40% when compared to other UK veterinary wholesalers. After two years of thorough market analysis, assessing competition, trials with potential customers, product testing and consulting with our exclusive manufacturers, IMS Euro launched this new and exciting venture.

The cat above is Milow, 20 years the family cat, the very same family cat upon which IMS Euro was founded. We must pay tribute to Milow, because without his regular veterinary check-up this remarkable business may never have been conceived.

IMS Euro has developed rapidly, adding new independent surgeries, groups and national chains on a regular basis. Many of our new customers call us after being

contacted by veterinary colleagues, delighted by our service.

This year our product range has expanded to over 3200 items with 95% of our products manufactured in Europe.

We are unique, and proud of our achievements, placing enormous emphasis on customer care, and the personal touch, ensuring each customer is treated as if they were our only customer.

A remarkable success story built on a routine visit to the vets with the family cat.

Why Choose IMS Euro?

Over the past 12 months IMS Euro has expanded on the veterinary side and currently supply over 25% of the UK veterinary surgeries with non-pharmaceutical medical consumable products.

There are four main reasons for switching to IMS Euro for your consumables:

  • Firstly, we are the most cost effective supplier in the UK today, saving surgeries between 30% and 50%.
  • Secondly, our reliability and service. IMS Euro service levels are renowned for speed of delivery with friendly and efficient staff. Surgeries are able to order online, by e-mail, by fax and over the phone. For mainland UK, goods arrive the next working day. Customers are called within 1 hour of placing an order to confirm receipt of the order, advise delivery time and be advised of any shortfall.
  • Thirdly, is the high quality of our products. Some of our lesser known exclusive

manufacturers produce extremely high quality items as good, if not better, than the better known market leaders.

  • And last but not least, “Try before you buy”. IMS Euro is so confident of the product range that we are happy to prove this to any surgery that is unsure by offering a completely free try before you buy service.